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Kantritohtorin vastaanotolla perehdytään kantrin, kantrirokin, rock'n'rollin ja rockabillyn eri suuntauksiin ja uusiin tuuliin, myös klassikko-piisejä vuosikymmenten varsilta kuullaan. Toimittajana Teppo Nättilä.


  • 1.Dave & Phil Alvin: World's in a bad condition 2.The Blasters: High school confidential (live 1982) 3.Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock & roll time 4.Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole lotta shakin' goin' on 5.Robert Gordon with Link Wray: The way I walk 6.Jack Scott: Tennessee Saturday night 7.Jack Scott: Honky tonk blues 8.Hank Williams Sr. & Hank Williams Jr.: There's a tear in my beer 9.Joe Ely: Early in the morning 10.Joe Bonamassa: I gave up everything, 'cept the blues (live 2015) 11.Walter Trout: Playin' hideaway 12.Walter Trout: Gonna live again 13.Ismo Haavisto: Phone sex blues 14.Jo Buddy meets Funky Kingstone: Unlockable hips.

  • 1.Otis Watkins: If you're ready to rock 2.Balham Alligators: Betty Jean 3.Chuck Berry: House lights 4.The Lincolns: Teddy boy rock'n'roll 5.Barrence Whitfield & the Savages: Rock'n'roll baby 6.Barrence Whitfield & the Savages: Bad news perfume 7.Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin: Hide and seek 8.Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin: If you see my savior 9.Guitar Martin: This train 10.Dave Forestfield & Jarkka Rissanen: Somebody touched me 11.Joe Ely: When the nights are cold 12.Gregg Allman: I've found a love (live 2014) 13.Seppo Alvari & Outlaw Boys: Heitä vaikka pienillä kivillä 14.Seppo Alvari & Outlaw Boys:Rakkaus saa sekaisin 15.Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes: Barnyard boogie.

  • 1.Waylon Jennings: Medley of Elvis hits: That's all right/My baby left me 2.Jack Scott: I just came home to count the memories 3.Jussi Syren and the Groundbreakers: Bluegrass singer 4.Robban Hagnäs: Black rose 5.Billy Joe Shaver: Low down freedom 6.Wilko Johnson: I got a woman 7.Wilko Johnson: Wooly bully 8.Dr Feelgood: Matchbox (live 1978) 9.Mike Wilhelm: Down the road apiece 10.Restless: Runaway train 11.Vintage Trouble: Another baby 12.Joe Bonamassa: Different shades of blue (live 2015) 13.Marco Di Maggio: Tiger rag 14.J.D. McPherson: Everybody's talking 'bout all-American 15.Big Buddy: She's kinda hot.

  • 1.Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey: All through the city 2.Highway: Stagger Lee 3.Alvin Lee: Boogie all day 4.Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell: If you lived here, you'd be home now 5.Luxury Liner: 18 wheels 6.Pauli Halme: It's ragtime 7.Johnny B.D. & the Gasoline Guys: Back on the rails 8.Ninni Poijärvi & Mika Kuokkanen: Riding home 9.Joshua James: Annabelle 10.Joe Bonamassa: Living on the moon (live 2015) 11.Joe Bonamassa: Still water (live 2015) 12.Jerry Lee Lewis: Don't be cruel 13.Little Richard: Money honey 14.Louise Hoffsten with Billy F. Gibbons: King Creole 15.Elvis Presley: That's all right (live 1972).

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