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Yle Digital Summit Panel Discussion With Ingrid Kopp, Christian Bennett, Ismo Silvo and Adam Gee, Part 1

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Yle Digital Summit panel moderator Sami Kallinen asks the panel to show their snapshot of where we are today with digital media. Ingrid Kopp, Christian Bennett, Ismo Silvo and Adam Gee all give their views.

Yle Digital Summit was held in Helsinki on June 7th 2016. The Summit was organised by Yle Lab.

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it would be nice to hear your 2328 analysis of the current if you take a snapshot of where we are today and in five years you'll look back at this this not sure what do you see there please? Three big companies Apple Facebook

probably more power than any of you ever could imagine five years ago

and there are some benefits to being a part of that was quite scary and if I'm honest I don't think anyone's got the answer yet

please have a question though I do think every night I thought you actually one of the best pieces of advice I write it down and stay with him

find sensible ways to explore new things and I think that's such good advice so you're not avoiding anything I'm going to get you interested in what Facebook live could do go and try it then spend a lot of money on it and signed a massive team today don't put all your eggs in that basket I try it out I mean the one thing I would say is especially as we were thinking about public media and the future of of of public media it's really really dangerous to rely on Facebook and Twitter to be serving the audiences that we saw it so I think I mean that's why I public media exists to protect the Civic dialogue and what those companies are doing is exciting in some ways cuz they're providing incredible tools an incredible Sky 11 it's amazing but it's also terrifying and you know that I know a lot of driving lesson at least if they're really worried because I'm relying so much on

on Facebook so that distribution now so I think I think that's the thing

you have to try new things but be really sensible and do not rely on those big companies for-profit companies to stakeholders do not there not there for public media and I said you know that to ensure the future of the commons I don't rely on them to deliver that we're looking for the mission that a lot of us in this room for but use them

understand how you're using them

I was actually saying something interesting that you are using Facebook and actually also you were talking about it to get it very difficult and says that most Media Company Broadcasting

Fall Festival on a sandwich is that they're very good too so I've done a lot of public service project using those tools so I love it how you deploy it so I thought I did a campaign to make European fishing sustainable largely driven through Twitter when it came to the activism was a very good way to talk directly to European politicians they change the legislation off the 12 weeks after we started this campaign and you know how to do is to change anything at anytime at the same time in terms of using it as a tool using a distribution method another question I think you have to come up with clever puns examples

basically what we've been doing is working out with incomes concentric rings off of syndication so you know we start out on the right platform which is most valuable to us we got out to the other bake

5 only ones and then we squeeze the juice out of it I would like to play some different platforms you're not going to want the right answers but you've definitely got to take a sophisticated view of it really otherwise I think the things that have characterized the tone is what I mentioned I think we're that Netflix moment basically where we will see very quick kind of Clips where we got it from shut your television as we know it to to being on the moms Global and so therefore

as you can see in a lot of organizations online videos become a complete imperative that channel for them of his own. The music is Macho from videos forward to it you know it's just a question of organizational imperative it's not because I don't want to do that because they're not good at it but it's just you know in terms of business imperative online videos huge amount to play for

and then the other thing I'd mention it you know advertising is ripe for reinvention and then they're all kinds of people that could do it and you know channel for raising good a place to do it anywhere else asked you very well might be someone in Finland for the eight United clearly Robinson IL United Way and I'm a terrible user experience and there better ways of doing and I think he's branded content is really friend from the video content is really good why it from evolving the advertising model because some of the best online video content as friends on there so that's not any kind of trust between quality and being funded in that way

and then finally on the question of Public Service I mean in the UK completely under the car you know this is a year where possible that Jennifer will be privatised may or may not happen if I take all the stuff that is not

what kind of rational for it but it's not about reason it's at United's about kind of ideology and then the babysitting that just had an 11-year settlements which is that you know the normal course of events it could very much be the last one and it's still very much under the under the caution very much kind of feeling under the bus if attacked by big private organisations such as with a metal box and a few nights I imagine it's not the same in the hair look like

DVDs in and have that relation broadcasting but it was a bit confused nobody could really explain to talk about the company's leadership but even to the college but what we really want to do now it's much more focused professionalism we can set targets and we understand what will probably face off to do and what doesn't we have experienced it so it's becoming as as far as a normal life in a normal professional and sensible life so that that's happened but confusion

switching off certain things because of this

strange Works Mira on the net whenever

and plus the country watching that she has a long way to say that that be a lot more upset about

you know I have a little necklace is a transitional generation we just have to try and save keep and make make it doesn't go too far out of our grasp that by the time they get there

sorry I mean you know if you have all these big companies that were talking about could seriously mess up the internet for everyone else because the whole point I mean I have seen the legislation stuff is interesting because in some ways what you needed the legislation to keep it completely open and what's scary about all this you know what Gardens like Facebook and Snapchat is dead that they don't operate like the incident used to everything floating there between between sites and even more importantly this idea of archive I think it's interesting that a lot of people have brought up all kinds because I think that's something that really goes back to this idea of public service and Legacy right it's just it's the Archive of Our Lives going back and having a sense of the Long View which is something the internet can be very bad and it's really hot I mean how do you look at The Archives of Facebook where is the old blogs you never had these incredible a couple that I get enough not to so I actually am really worried about the future of an open free internet and I do I mean I know

it is a public utility like

to the day I get to be treated like one

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Digital Summit

Miten digitaalisuus muuttaa media-alaa? Miten kansainväliset toimijat valmistautuvat muutokseen? Miten eurooppalaiset ja suomalaiset mediatalot voisivat paremmin ottaa asiakkaat mukaan tekemään sisältöjä yhdessä? Näihin kysymyksiin etsitään yhdessä vastauksia alan huipputoimijoiden kanssa Yle Labran 7.6.2016 järjestämässä kansainvälisessä Digital Summit -tapahtuman Pasilassa Studio 1:llä.

Tapahtuman puhujina nähdään Ingrid Kopp Tribeca Instituutista (Yhdysvallat), Christian Bennett Guardianista (Britannia), Adam Gee Channel Fourilta (Britannia) sekä Alexandre Brachet Upianilta (Ranska).

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