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The Centre Party and the burden of office

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A fresh Yle poll shows Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's Centre Party hobbling toward next month's general election with 14.4 percent voter support. Has the burden of incumbency affected the party's prospects at the polls? Did Sipilä's unilateral decision to have his government quit over its failed social and health care reform programme harm or help the party? Political commentator Sini Korpinen and journalist Sam Kingsley join APN to examine these and other burning questions.


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  • This week APN looks at the latest in the Brexit saga as the UK prepares - maybe - to leave the EU on 31 October. What impact will the messy divorce have on British people living in Finland and Finnish nationals in the UK? Our guests today are the British Ambassador to Finland Tom Dodd and Helsinki University EU researcher Timo Miettinen.
    12 September 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

  • This week's APN takes a look at the residence permit roadblock that some higher education students face in their bid to study in Finland. There are an estimated 20,000 international students in higher educations insitutions at present, and more are being courted. What should potential freshmen know? Our guests today are Heidi Rättyä of the National Union of University Students in Finland and Leena Turku of the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri.
    5 September 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

  • The i's are all dotted and the t's crossed on the new cabinet and the government programme put together by Antti Rinne's five-party coalition. But what does it all mean in practice for ordinary people and how easy will it be for the administration to make good on its proposals? Political commentator Sini Korpinen and Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen join APN to unpack the latest developments.

  • Many immigrants in Finland turn to entrepreneurship when they can't get a job. But while starting a business may seem quite straightforward, staying afloat can be challenging. Entrepreneurs Pamela Spokes and Vahid Mortezaei as well as business advisor Teemu Polo of Newco Helsinki join APN to talk about everything people considering entrepreneurship should know.

    31 May / All Points North / Yle News

  • Voters in Finland seem to be taking European Parliament elections seriously, as the latest figures show a bigger advance turnout than in 2014. All Points North looks at what's firing voters up, whether they're cooling on populist parties, and how the new parliament in Brussels could affect their future. Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen and writer, activist and fearless commentator, Maryan Abdulkarim join the discussion.

    24 May / All Points North / Yle News

  • Should women in Finland be required to serve up to one year of military or civil service in the name of equality? Our guests are sociologist and former army chaplain Suvi Kouri, Minna Vähäsalo from the Committee of 100 peace organisation and Kaj Raninen from the Union of Conscientious Objectors.

  • Does status buy access into higher education in Finland? Our guests education sociologist Sonja Kosunen and Adina Nivukoski from the Union of Upper Secondary School Students explore the potential obstacles to getting a degree.
    10 May / All Points North / Yle News

  • Finland has seen a parade of politicians eating their words over very public positions and views, often articulated on social media. Has political discourse become more discordant and increasingly close to the limit of the law? At the same time, politicians are managing to "mainstream" some of their ideas by cloaking them in murky language. What's the media's role in the changing national conversation? Our guests are journalist Aurora Lemma and Tampere University senior researcher Heikki Heikkilä.

  • Some Filipino nurses in Finland don't always get the work they signed up for. Our guests, Anndra Dumo, a Filipino nurse in Finland, Päivi Kantanen from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Lauri Koponen from the Finnish Association of Private Care Providers, shine a light on the issue. 26 April / All Points North / Yle News

  • Sunday's general election exposed a deeply fragmented political landscape, with the result largely split between the populist right and the climate-friendly left. Voters united to repudiate the austerity politics of prime minister Juha Sipilä's Centre Party. How will the Social Democrats, who won by a narrow margin, stitch together a governing coalition and heal the divisions laid open by the vote? Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley join the show to untangle the threads.17 April / All Points North / Yle News

  • With just two days to go before Finland's parliamentary election a spanking-new Yle poll shows the Social Democratic Party with a narrowing lead over the rest of the political field, with the immigration-sceptic Finns Party now in second place. Will voters remain faithful on polling day and who is likely to join the party in government? Joining APN to ponder the possibilities are Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley. 12 April 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

  • On 14 April Finland will elect a new parliament and ahead of that poll Yle News hosted an election debate featuring representatives from all of the major parties to grill them - in English - about their plans for the country’s future. This special edition of All Points North presents the audio from the whole debate, which was originally broadcast on 25 March, 2019. 10 April 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

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