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First we got our computers connected. Next we got the internet of things, connecting offline and online. Now we are about to digitally connect ourselves, creating the Internet of Humans.

What happens when our biology is digital and online? What are the new opportunities and the ethics in the age of digital doubles and virtual humans?

Keynote by Amanda Solosky, the Co-founder and co-CEO of Rival Theory
Panel discussion on Emotions and ethics in building virtual humans including Amanda Solosky, Co-founder and co-CEO of Rival Theory; Hanna Haaslahti, a media artist working on digital doubles; Silja Martikainen, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki Cognitive Brain Research Unit. Moderated by Cecilia Wikman, Interaction Product Owner at Yle.

Yle Twitchbot Demo and an introduction to social robotics desing by Minja Axelsson, Futurice and Joonas Lintunen, Yle.

The new beta.yle.fi concept demo by Milla Moisio, Yle.

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