Jakso 10: Wingman: Fear and Frenzy in Eastern Finland

  • 28 min
  • toistaiseksi

This new special episode takes Wingman to the woods. Tommi is given a chance to help his father-in-law with coming business transactions. First, however, the account-to-be must be offered an executive level hunting trip. And there Juhis is naturally needed. There is plenty of thrilling action and tight spots ahead.

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Finnish Comedy Luottomies with subtitles - 2019 International Emmy Awards Nominee!

An awkward comedy about two guys, Juhis (Kari Ketonen) and Tommi (Antti Luusuaniemi) who end up in bizarre and odd situations. The daily life poses surprising challenges to this dynamic duo. Everyday situations escalate, and the guys are left with two bad choices on how to get out. 2019 International Emmy Awards Nominee! Translations: Marika Rinno.

Season 1
Script: Kari Ketonen, Antti Luusuaniemi and Lauri Nurkse. Director: Lauri Nurkse. Production: Satu Kurvinen Yle Drama 2016.

Season 2
Script: Kari Ketonen and Antti Luusuaniemi. Director: Jalmari Helander. Production: Matti Kajander Yle Drama 2018

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